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The people of Lebanon are in dire need of assistance as the country is facing one of the worst economic crises in recent history.

As a result, poverty rates have soared with approximately one third of the population living below the poverty line. This is particularly dire for those living in informal settlements and for refugees, including a large number of Syrian and Palestinian refugees in the country, who are facing extreme poverty and limited access to basic services such as education and healthcare.

Current Projects in Lebanon include:

📦 Basic Winter Clothing – £20.00 – (Hat, Scarf, Gloves & Jacket)

📦 Blanket & Mattress – £20.00 per blanket

🩹 Cholera Kit – £30

🥘 Daily Hot Meals – £1.50 per meal

📦 Food Parcel – £30.00 per parcel

📦 Heater & 25l of Diesel – £30

📦 Orphan Gifts – £12

☪️ Qur’an Distribution  – £3 per Qur’an

📦 Wellingtons – £10

🩹 Medical Fund – anything you can contribute to support those in need.

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Humanity Without Borders are on the ground in Beqaa, Lebanon and have been delivering your donations since 2017 to thousands of families in need.

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Basic Winter Clothing, Blanket & Mattress, Cholera Kit, Daily Hot Meals, Food Parcel, Heater & 25l of Diesel, Orphan Gifts, Qur'an Distribution, Wellingtons, Medical Fund, Most Needed

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