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Unit 7b, Imperial Building, Rolleston St, Leicester LE5 3ST

0116 215 4623

Who We Are

Humanity Without Borders

Humanity Without Borders are a registered charitable organisation (registered charity no:1172624) that aims to bring real hope to millions of people suffering around the world.

Poverty, conflict and disaster leave millions of people living in fear. Fear of hunger and disease. Humanity Without Borders aims to support victims of disasters and emergencies and also promote sustainable development by working with communities.

“Whoever saved a life, it would be as if they saved the life of all mankind.”

- Qur'an, 5:32


Our Values


We follow the teachings of Islam that promotes us to love our neighbors, care for children and challenge injustice.


We are committed to serve the neediest people on the earth.


We believe that every person is created equal and entitled to freedom, justice, peace and opportunity.


We take great care of the resources entrusted to us by others, whether this is money, time or trust.


We are willing to work together with all those who care, as we realise that more is achieved through teamwork.

Global Support

We respond to need whenever and wherever we can.

Fulfilling an Obligation

In responding to poverty and suffering, our efforts are driven by sincerity to God and the need to fulfil our obligations to humanity.

100% donation policy

We ensure 100% of donations received will reach the poor and needy, in line with our strict 100% donation policy.


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Our Policy

We Operate a 100% Donation Policy

We guarantee a 100% donations policy. All donations received are spent solely for what they were intended for.

For example: If a donor donates £100 with the intention of helping an orphan, we will ensure that the entire £100 is used for Orphans only.

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