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Morocco Earthquake Relief

Join us in this noble cause. Donate today and let compassion lead the way. Together, we can heal, rebuild, and restore hope.
Every pound counts. Every act of kindness matters. Morocco needs us now more than ever
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📦 Food Parcel – £30

🦺 Emergency Aid Kit – £50

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The heart of Morocco trembled, and now it’s our time to make a difference.

A devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake has struck Morocco, taking the lives of at least 820 souls and leaving countless more in agony. Remote villages near the Atlas Mountains, often forgotten by the world, bear the brunt of this catastrophe. As we witness the heartbreaking aftermath, we cannot stand idly by.
Our dedicated relief teams from Humanity Without Borders are on the ground, tirelessly working ready to deliver a lifeline of hope. We’re hoping to provide essential relief, including food parcels and emergency aid packs, to save lives.
With your generosity, we can extend a lifeline to those in despair. You can be the light in their darkest hour.
Together, we can rewrite the story of these earthquake survivors.
Your donation, no matter the size, can make a life-saving difference.

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Food Parcel, Emergency Aid Kit

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