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The people of Assam need our immediate support and assistance, following heavy rainfall and floods across the region.

Donate a £25 Emergency Flood Relief Pack today:

Contents of pack:

10kg Rice
2kg Pulses
1ltr Oil
2 cases Biscuits
1 Large Tarpaulin
Sarees for Women
Lungis for Men

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Heavy, incessant rainfall for the past two weeks has led to Assam is once again hit by destructive floods. The yearly devastation caused by the monsoon season hit early this year and the damage to life and property has been severe.

With already over 5 deaths confirmed, there are now over 1.36 million people across ten regions all in desperate need. At present, 2404 villages are under water and 83,168 hectares of crop areas have been damaged.

Humanity Without Borders relief teams are on the ground, working in the field in order to rehabilitate the affected masses to the best of our abilities.

Our relief teams have analysed immediate requirements are food, clothes and shelter. Play your part today, donate and keep the people of Assam in your prayers.

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