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The people of Afghanistan need our prayers and urgent help. Over 22.8 million families are now at risk of food insecurity and following the earthquake on 22nd June 2022, we have launched an emergency appeal to support those in need across the region.

Current Projects in Afghanistan:

📦  Emergency Pack – £200 per pack

📦  Food Parcel – £30 per parcel

🥘  Hot Meals – £1.50 per meal

⛑  Hygiene Kits – £15 per kit

Please donate generously below and help us help the most vulnerable families in need today.

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A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Afghanistan killing over 1,000 people with the death toll is likely to rise over the coming days. Homes have been completely destroyed and families are trapped under the rubble and thousands of people injured.

Our relief teams are on the ground responding to this emergency and ready to deliver your donations to the thousands of victims in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Thanks to your support, we have already delivered life-saving aid to over 30,000 families across Afghanistan in 2022 alone. Play your part today and donate in confidence with our strict one-hundred percent donation policy.

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