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100for100 – Imraan is fundraising for Wheelchairs in Yemen!

Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world and is on the brink of famine – with a population of 25.4 million. 54% of the population survives on fewer than 2 pounds per day. Following the Covid19 pandemic, now more than ever before we need your help to support those in need. Our team have been distributing aid in Aden, Sanaʽa, and Taiz.

In response to this humanitarian crisis, a member of our volunteer team – Imraan Adam has launched a fundraising appeal, to fundraise for 100 wheelchairs.

Here’s his message to all:

“Peace and blessings to all.

My name is Imraan Adam and I’m a 33-year-old disabled man who has Cerebral Palsy making me wheelchair-bound. I have been a wheelchair user all my life.

I‘m aiming to raise £7,000 in association with Humanity Without Borders in order to buy and distribute 100 wheelchairs for people that desperately need them in Yemen.

In’Sha’Allah I plan on doing this by hand-cycling 100 miles on my hand bike over the month of October,
This equates to a mile for every wheelchair.

Yemen is a country with high level of poverty.
In recent years Yemen has also been devastated by war which has displaced millions of people. The war has also devastated the medical infrastructure leaving an already desperate population in even great need.

Since the beginning of February, COVID-19 has swept through the country causing desperation and disruptions.
Wheelchair services in Yemen are almost non-existent which makes receiving a wheelchair extremely difficult for those who need them most.

This fundraising challenge is going to be difficult for me but in comparison to what those who need wheelchairs in Yemen this challenge fades to insignificance

You can follow my journey on my Instagram account @imadam786

If you would like to donate please visit:

Jazakallahu Khairun for reading this message. Please do share this message with family and friends

Stay safe and remember me in your duaas
Imraan Adam

Click here to donate to Imraan’s appeal now.


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