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Eid Ul Fitr 2019 – Smiles Across The Globe

Article authored by Sumeya Loonat

Eid- a day of happiness and celebration for Muslims all across the world. Children look forward to wearing their new attire, spending time with families and opening their Eid gifts.

However, for the children of Syria and Palestine life remains grim and there is no happiness as they continue living in poverty. Many are orphans and refugees, with no family to celebrate with let alone receive any new clothing or Eid gifts.

This year, thanks to your support the Humanity Without Borders team on the ground were able to provide Eid gifts and Sadaqatul Fitr to over 540 children in Syria at the Al Tanmiye Camp in Atme. All the children received chocolates and some spending money -their smiles were priceless.

Thanks to your donations our team in Gaza, Palestine also took 56 orphans to the local toy stores where they were able to choose their own Eid gifts at a value of £20 each. Again, their smiles were priceless.

In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, the Humanity Without Borders team distributed 3kg rice, 2 packets of dry spaghetti and handed out 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings to each person on Eid day, making their day memorable and full of joy. Again, their smiles were priceless.

Making Eid special for these vulnerable and needy children and families could not have been possible without your continued support.

Share your rewards by continuing to donate to Humanity Without Borders so we can all give joy and happiness to those who need it the most.

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