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#Ramadan2019 – Malawi Iftar Food Parcel Distribution

Article authored by Sumeya Loonat

This Ramadhan, Humanity Without Borders expanded its work on providing humanitarian relief by distributing Iftar food parcels in Chiradzulu, Limbe. This area is ravaged by poverty and 97% of the population here live on less than USD1 per day.

Our dedicated team based in Malawi are on the ground providing nutritious food parcels to our destitute brothers and sisters who have no other means of breaking their fast.

No one should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, and as you can see from the video taken directly at the distribution site, our dear elderly sister thanks us abundantly for providing her with a food pack as she had nothing to break her fast with. She was unable to even carry her Iftar pack due to lack of strength and energy as a result of not having enough food. As the team assisted her, she spoke with happiness that fasting will no longer be a problem for her in Ramadan because of the food parcel we have provided.

Our team in Malawi arrived at the distribution site with 150 food parcels ready to be given out. However, there were 350 people waiting for food packs for their families. Turning away over 200 people was not an option – the team split the food parcels in half and by doing so, were able to feed an extra 150 people. BUT we do not want to wait for this to happen again, with great sadness the team had to turn 50 people away this time.

We don’t want this to happen again, but without your valuable support and donations the next time the team distribute parcels there may be even more families waiting for emergency food aid.

Humanity Without Borders urges you to help us continue saving lives and by donating one food parcel for £30, you will have gained the reward of feeding a family for a minimum of 3-4 weeks and changing their lives, alleviating their worries over their next meal.

Our Iftar food parcels contain the following:

20kg Maize
10kg Rice
3kg Beans
5kg Sugar
2 Litre Oil

These basic supplies enable us to provide emergency relief from the burden of hunger and contain all the essentials needed for a family to live by for one month.

Let’s do what we can to end hunger poverty.

 You can change lives by helping us to support these poor, vulnerable and needy families, so please donate now by clicking here.


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