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Emergency Response to #CycloneIdai – Malawi and Mozambique

In March 2019 – Humanity Without Borders launched two emergency appeals in response to #CycloneIdai, in an attempt to distribute life-saving aid across Malawi and Mozambique.

In a short span of time, our emergency response has begun in both countries with over 450 emergency packs distributed already.


Our team in Malawi have started distributing emergency packs in Jali, Zomba containing:

• 25kg Flour
• 1 Roll Plastic Sheeting 50 meters
• Water guard 125ml
• Assorted plastic utensils
• Blanket
• 25 x Soya Meal Pieces 90g
• Mosquito net


Our team in Mozambique had to travel over 5 hours by boat to deliver these life-saving emergency packs. Their first distribution took place in the Buzi area earlier this week.

Their emergency pack contained the following:

• Maize meal 10kg
• Brown sugar 2kg
• Cooking oil 1 litre
• Beans (4 pack)
• Salt 1kg
•  2 cans of condensed milk
• Biscuits 1kg
• Washing soap 250g
• Water purification unit
•  Water dispenser
• Candles (2 pack)
•  10 safety matches
• Mosquito repellent coil (2 pack)
•  30-litre bucket
•  6 plastic plates
• 6 plastic cups
• Kitchen Spoon
• Cooking Pot
• Mosquito Net


Please continue supporting our emergency appeals.

Donate towards Malawi here.
Donate towards Mozambique here.



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