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2018 – Year In Review

As we start the new year, here’s a short summary of what we have achieved throughout 2018 together

We started 2018 with our winter appeal, spreading warmth across the globe in Bangladesh, Gaza, Jordan, Syria as well as in Yemen. In January 2018 our annual container also reached Syria which was filled with children’s toys, medical supplies, school furniture, and warm winter clothing.

When an emergency hits, be assured #TeamHwB relief team will be there, and 2018 was no different. In February, Ghouta (Syria) was crying for our help with over 400,000 people under siege all in urgent need of aid. We recognised this emergency and through your support, we provided bread, hot food and clean water to those in need.

As March approached, we planned our trip to Malaysia. Malaysia is home to over 250,000 Rohingya refugees who face many challenges including employment, education, and healthcare. Since 2017, Humanity Without Borders have been actively working in Malaysia, providing food and medical aid to thousands.

2018 was the year we launched our unique ‘£1 a day Orphan Sponsorship’. In a short span of time, we have already begun caring for orphans in Jordan and Tanzania.

In April, we began working in Tanzania a nation with over 67% of its population living below the poverty line the United Nations has warned of a major crisis. #TeamHwB started by conducting eye cataract operations and income generating projects taking place.

Then came our favourite month, Ramadan. This Ramadan, you helped us feed more people than ever before with food parcels distributed in Bihar (India), Malaysia (Rohingya Refugees), Syria and Tanzania.

India is home to 1.2 billion people and makes up for a third of the world’s poor. Along with distributing food parcels in the Bihar area, this year we began installing water hand pumps. Installing water wells and hand pumps are a huge step in developing communities and providing fresh clean water to an entire community.

After an amazing Ramadan, we began focusing closer to home too by starting hot food for the homeless in Leicester fortnightly. Then before we knew it, Qurbani time came around.

Qurbani is a beautiful time of the year, a chance to feed thousands and truly make your Qurbani count. This year we focused on three key countries in dire need: Bihar (India), Syria and Tanzania. Through your support, many had meat for the first time in months.

Then, the news came that Kerala, a South Indian state had been affected by the worst flooding in nearly a century, with over 700,00 displaced. Humanity Without Borders along with its partners provided much-needed food, household items, and hygiene kits throughout the region.

Every October Humanity Without Borders launch their ‘Gift of Vision’ Appeal – a unique project fundraising to sponsor life-saving eye cataract operations. This year, the team set out with a target of fifty operations, this was well exceeded and through your kind donations, we were able to help over a hundred people see again.

Then another emergency called our name – Indonesia. Measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale, the earthquake of 28th September caused widespread devastation. Triggering a Tsunami with waves of over 20 feet high, destroying thousands of homes and causing devastation.

Within a week of the earthquake and tsunami, our first phase of the emergency response had started, distributing emergency food parcels and emergency shelter packs.

Then in early December, three members of #TeamHwB travelled to Indonesia and Malaysia. In Indonesia they hand distributed phase two of our emergency response – distributing hygiene kits, food parcels, shelter kits as well as cash donations to the elderly, orphans and widows. This month we have now began phase three of this emergency response.

In Malaysia, Humanity Without Borders are making a difference at the Rainbow Love Centre – a safe and loving environment for refugee children to study and a hub for refugees in the area. Currently, the school has a total of 100 students aged five to seventeen and eight teachers teaching a combination of academic and religious subjects.

Through your support, we have supported the centre’s rent and daily meals for the children until January 2019. If we do not continue to support this cause, there is a high chance these children will end up back on the street.
Whilst in Malaysia, the team were overwhelmed with the huge need for medical support and launched an ‘Emergency Medical Fund’ and through your generous contributions, in a short span of time Humanity Without Borders have sponsored over a dozen operations, and we want to continue this effort.

Upon their return, we began fundraising for our annual winter appeal. Every winter we help Syrian refugees in two unique ways:

– Container to Syria – a container filled with warm winter clothing, abayas for ladies, as well as rice and flour.
– Winter Pack – a pack containing winter essentials and a food parcel.

This is a very concise summary of what we have achieved in these past twelve months. Once again Jazak’allah to everybody, firstly for your prayers and secondly for your donations. We ask Allah (SWT) to reward you all with the best of rewards.

Please continue supporting Humanity Without Borders in 2019 too.


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