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Indonesia Emergency Response – Phase Three

This January, we have begun phase three of our emergency response in Palu, Indonesia. Measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale, the earthquake of 28th September 2018 caused widespread devastation, triggering a tsunami with waves of over 20 feet high, destroying thousands of homes and causing devastation.

After our team successfully distributed food parcels, hygiene kits, shelter kits as well as cash donations across Donggala, Sibalaya, and Mamboro in December 2018 – now our team on the ground are visiting and distributing aid in areas that have not been visited by any NGO’s and areas that have not received any aid in over two months.

What aid are we distributing in phase three?

  • Food parcels: based on our assessment on the ground, there is an urgent need for food parcels due to few reasons:1) The evacuees are scared to go to the sea to catch fish (most of them are fisherman),
    2) The evacuees are afraid to eat fish, so the rumors spreading around the fish were eating the human flesh.
    3) Chicken and meat are very expensive.
    4) Some of them stay quite far away from the city center.
  • Water tanks: We will also be supplying water tanks, one tank supplies water for 10-15 families. This is part of the WASH programme (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene)
  • Thick Tarpaulins that provide much-needed shelter for those in need.

Today is the 100th day since the tragedy occurred, and with your constant support Humanity Without Borders relief teams have been on the ground making a difference.

Please continue to support our emergency most needy appeal here.


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