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Day 1 in Palu – #TeamHwB Report

On Monday 3rd December 3 members of #TeamHwB namely Naeem, Shabir and Tayyab set out for Indonesia and Malaysia. The team did not reach Palu (earthquake/tsunami zone) until late Wednesday evening, having to catch multiple flights to reach their destination.

Here’s their report of Day 1 (Thursday 6th December):

We set out after breakfast as we set off to a Masjid opening in Donggala. Our partners here on the ground, ‘Al Fatah Rescue’ were opening a Masjid in an area that had been affected by the earthquake.

The team opened this Masjid together with our partners and local governors (see pictures below). Local governors and village chiefs expressed their gratitude to us and explained that this is the beauty of Islam. We have no relationship with these people other than the kalimah that binds us together as brothers.

We then went on to distribute food parcels and hand out money to orphans, widows and elderly. These food parcels are composed of a variety of staple foods, this particular parcel contained:

  • 10kg rice
  • 20 packets of instant noodles
  • 2-litre cooking oil
  • 1kg sugar
  • 5 sardine tins
  • 1 box of teabags

Thereafter, we handed out money to orphans, widows and the elderly of this area.

All in all, it has been a tiring day, but seeing those in need smile makes it all worthwhile.


Please continue donating towards this noble cause.



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