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#TeamHwB in Malaysia – Ramadan 2018

Ramadan is a special time for many Muslims, not just in Leicester but across the globe.  This Ramadan, the Humanity Without Borders team are planning on feeding more people than ever before.

On Saturday (12/05/2018), our first team including two trustees of the charity, Mr Naeem Laher and Mr Saeed Adam set off to Malaysia. Malaysia is home to over 250,000 Rohingyan Refugee Families who have left behind their homes and all their belongings.

Read their report below.

Day 1:

Attended meetings to plan the distribution and also to assess the needs of the Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

We assessed the needs of the Rohingya in Selayang district of KL and discussed a way forward with the community centre in terms of long term projects with Rohingya community. We hope to start with distribution of food parcels tomorrow afternoon.

Day 2:

Distribution of Food Aid to refugees in the Selayang district of KL started today. It’s is estimated there are 40’000+ children under the age of 18 that have fled Myanmar. But YOUR continued support has helped to provide Aid to some of these families fleeing the violence.

Day 3:

Ramadan Kareem! The team here in KL have started the Iftar Project today. With the help of volunteers and your donations we are hoping to provide Iftar to those Rohingya Refugees that are fasting today.

DAY 4:

Distribution of Food and Medical Aid. These Packs make a huge difference to the Rohingya refugees here in Malaysia. Life has not been easy for them but thanks to YOUR donations we’ve been able to make a difference.

It is still not too late to donate, support and change someone’s life now.

Charity is the Power of change, be that change.



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